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The Alliance Vault Backup solution enables you to deliver Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) that meet or exceed the acceptable Recovery Point Objective (RPO) levels of your business continuity plan (or SLA commitments to your customers). Alliance’s hybrid backup solutions use local devices combined with offsite cloud storage to offer a level of redundancy that gives you peace of mind and gets you up and running virtually, in just seconds. And there’s a solution for every size business from small office to large enterprise.


At the core of the Alliance Vault Backup solution is the ability for you to virtualize your backed-up servers. Instead of waiting days or weeks to restore from a disaster, virtualization allows a company to instantly bring their server back online in a virtual mode.

Alliance Vault Backup

Performance Beyond Expectations

Alliance Vault Backup Features

Continuous Backup

Your servers are continuously backed up, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even if, in the event of an emergency, the server are running virtually from the vault they continue to be backed up.

Seamless Transition

Fail over to the Alliance Backup Vault is a seamless process with little to no downtime. When your environment is back on its feet restoring back is just as smooth.

Operate in the Cloud

In the event of a local or regional disaster, our backup product can run your infrastructure from the cloud, allowing your critical infrastructure to remain up and your business to continue operating.

Robust Enough for Your Entire Infrastructure

The Alliance Vault Backup is robust enough to backup your entire server environment, replicate it offsite, and run all of your servers virtually when there is a need.

In Place Upgrades

Easily migrate to new hardware without downtime.

24 x 7 Backup Monitoring

Alliance Vault Backup remotely monitors and manages your critical backups, resolving issues as they arise and ensuring that your backup systems are operating fully and optimally.

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