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InForce is a proactive software security solution designed to provide real-time and robust protection for your business’s computer network. InForce addresses security for the 3 main core components of your business; network monitoring, endpoint monitoring, and security awareness training for your employees.

Alliance delivers this robust service set with 3 industry proven solutions that are both flexible and scalable.

  • Monitor and Alert on real-time threats.
  • Mitigate and Manage anomalies through our Security Operations Center (SOC).
  • Provide simplified security reporting and blindspot detection.
  • Deliver improved governance and regulatory compliance.
  • Provide exceptional value through unique detect and respond features.

InForce Managed Security Services

Performance Beyond Expectations


Intelligent Endpoint Protection

Identify Risks: Endpoint analysis that provides insights and guidance to identify and resolve security vulnerabilities.

Managed Detect & Respond: Rapid SOC analysis for quick response and mitigation of threats.

Managed Restore: Advanced restore of environments that may have been affected by a security incident.

Intelligent Network Protection

Advanced SIEM Technology: Innovative automation technology with optimized dashboard visuals that accelerates incident response and

Reporting and Compliance: Reports and threat analysis outlines for three regulatory standards: HIPAA, PCI, and NIST-800.

Automated Correlation: Security events across tools provides faster identification of issues through more comprehensive understanding of
each threat including increased ability to discover advanced attacks.

Intelligent Security Training

Anti-Phishing Campaigns: Advanced email campaigns that test users’ knowledge of malicious email which aim to educate for prevention.

Robust Video Library: Specific campaign videos that your employees the ability to learn about security best practices, on-demand. Fresh
content is added every month!

Advanced Reporting: Automatic report delivery for every campaign result that granularly shows your employees’ risk composition.

Our Value

InForce Security is ideal for companies who want to maintain a pro-active security posture. Our security services provide holistic IT coverage, including your employees. Use Alliance’s InForce and InVision suite of services together for maximum value for your business.

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